About Us

Book lovers giving back to the community.

We started out as book lovers! Friends who connected through our mutual love for books, came together and created a free blog/magazine for romance fans. We wrote articles on topics we believed other book fans would like, asked our community questions about themselves to spread awareness and connection, and interviewed authors.

Night Cat Publishing was created with the idea of helping book lovers and writers, give back to the community. We help authors come together in creating charity books/anthologies to help fundraise for causes and organizations we believe in. We support both large and local organizations, and everything is arranged with the authors’ input.  

Night Cat Publishing is a nonprofit organization. Our projects are 100% volunteer work. If you’re interested in joining the team as an author for our next project, send us a message.

Our Team

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Sophia Brown

Project Manager, Writer

A mildly hilarious, cat loving, milk tea addict. Some of her favorite things are books, writing, Asian dramas, BTS, and organizing things. She has a passion for giving back to the community.

Angie Gomez

Creative Partner, Writer

Brainstorm Best Friend. Angie has been with us since our blogging days! Back in 2015, we started a free online magazine/blog for romance fans like us. Together, we hatched ides, planned it, executed it, and produce our magazines.

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